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Vacation With Pets

Vacation With PetsLove to vacation with pets, there are many Hotels, Motels and Resorts that cater to families that love their pets and that bring the family pet along on vacation. When vacationing with the family pet, be sure to make the necessary arrangements of having everything your pet needs. You need to make the same travel list for your pet that you make for each member of your family. I am a 'list maker' and when we brought our Border Collie, Chaz, on a trip to Tennessee, I made sure he had his list too. Just as my daughter, my son, my husband, and I had our very specific lists. Lists helped to ensure that all supplies were brought along, including: cage, bowls, leash, collar, a harness (which is even more sturdy than just a collar), (we even made sure he wore his harness not just his collar, for when we walked him near the road at gas stations or moving vehicles).

We had extra food and snacks, even his favorite toys and blanket, just like the kids. When checking on 'Pet Friendly' hotels, motels, or vacation rentals, note that most of these places require an extra pet deposit for the pet's stay. Also, remember that not all patrons that are staying in these establishments have pets too. Some guests may not be aware that the hotel, motel or vacation rental allows you to vacation with pets. So, please be cordial and courteous to all other patrons, as to their needs are being met too. Be nice, so these guests will be nice to you and your pet. Also, keep your pet on a leash at all times when the rental room door is open, so your pet does not escape and get injured or even injure another guest or another pet in this establishment. Here are some more suggestions; you might want to carry a copy of your pet's vaccination papers with you in case of an emergency. Also, you might want to have a local veterinarian's phone number or Pet Hospital number in case of an emergency. The same can be true about moving, how to move or travel with your pet - step by step! This E-book created by walks pet owners through the process of moving or who are going on vacation with pets.!



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