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Turtle And Terrapin

Care Guide

Turtle And TerrapinSome common turtle and terrapin pets are Russian Tortoises, Spur-thighed Tortoises, and Red-eared Sliders (or Terrapin). With any reptile you need to be aware of contracting salmonella poisoning. Wash your hands after handling your turtle or your turtle’s food, housing or bedding. I'll tell you a funny story of my family's experience with a box turtle that my husband found on the side of the road as he drove home one day. My kids named her "Lilly"; we fed her cherry tomatoes from our garden. She loved to push her whole face into the tomato and pull-out the meaty part of it to eat. We had fun watching her. With any reptile you need to take special care of these very special creatures. They are delicate in ways of lighting, temperature (heating), water levels and diet. Special care is needed since they've been around for many years and we want to keep them safe and happy.

*A New Warning from the C.D.C. in Atlanta about small turtles you by on vacation for kids can carry salmonella bacteria which can be deadly.*

The E-book 'The Ultimate Guide To Pet Turtle Care' Provides Turtle Lovers Everything They Need To Know About Acquiring, Housing, Caring For, And Feeding Pet Turtles So That They Stay Healthy, Contented, And Thrive For Years And Years To Come!

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It is not a three hundred page E-book filled up with fluff merely; it's still chocks up with tried and true and established formulas which thousands of folks all across the globe have utilized with success for acquiring their complete turtle pets and likewise enjoying and cherishing them. And once you acknowledge these mysteries, you'll be one of these euphoric turtle owners yourself... 

Find Out More Information In Turtles: How to Take Care of Them and Understand Them (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)  

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