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How To Toilet Train Your Cat
Using The Human Toilet

The Human ToiletThe Love of Cats knows that daily attention needs to be paid to the cat’s litter box all the problem with an ammonia smell occurs. That smell becomes so overpowering that the cat will actually stop using the litter box altogether. Also the litter box poses in an almost risk to pregnant women, their fetus and immuno-compromised individuals with the risk of toxoplasmosis transmissions. Indoor cats are not usually expose to the disease and are not carriers. Again, cleaning the litter box helps in stopping these diseases. But, there is another form of cat litter sanitation. Cats can be trained to use the human toilet; this does completely eliminate the litter box and the unpleasant odor. The Love of Cats knows that the need for the use of the landfill space is spared. Although, training may involve 4 to 6 weeks depending on you and your cat, it is so worth it. Don’t be alarmed if you (your cat) has a couple of accidents along the way in this procedure, it will be worth all of that and more! And it is a funny sight to see. Learn How Your Cat Can Use The Human Toilet With This Pet Link.

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

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