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Magical Majestic

SwansDo you remember the story "The Ugly Duckling"? As we grew up we heard that story and loved the ending. But, to find out what that poor bird turns out to be a prestigious (unique pets) "Swan". Swans are in many of our stories, including mythical ones: one of my all time favorite stories is "The Swan Princess", (I loved Princess Odette) and this story is related to the Ballet "Swan Lake". Also, in mythology, the story of "Helen of Troy" states Helen was conceived in a union of the almighty Zeus disguised as a Swan and Leda, Queen of Sparta. That's a beautiful story. There is an Irish legend of the children of Lir, about a stepmother transforming her children into (unique pets) Swans for 900 years.

The Swan has been depicted on a commemorative Irish coin. Swan symbols are also found in many other religions and cultures, including Hindu and Norse. Something very interesting, in the United Kingdom, it is believed by the populous, that all Swans are the property of the Queen. It is stated that it is the Queen's right to ownership of Swans, is exercised and restricted to "unmarked Mute Swans" on open water on certain areas of the River Thames and some of its tributaries.

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