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Fun With Bunny Rabbits

RabbitsIn the middle ages, selective breeding of (unique pets) rabbits began when they were first treated as domesticated farm animals. Several new colors and sizes were being recorded by the 1500s. Now, there are many different domesticated breeds of rabbits, actually there are 47 rabbit breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in the United States. These breeds include: the English Angora, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Dutch, Flemish Giant, Havana, Silver Fox, Mini Lop, Satin and many, many more.

Rabbit breeds, like dog breeds, are created by humans for different purposes at different times and with varying physical characteristics. Also, special care requirements and temperaments are for the different rabbit breeds.

The most important component of a rabbit’s diet is hay, which is also the base to pelleted feeds. Some other necessary parts to a rabbits diet is Timothy hay, Orchard grass hay or Oat hay blend. All these types of hay provide more fiber than other types of hay.

Clean bowls for food and fresh water is required daily for a pet rabbit. Avoid seeds, nuts and corn, because a rabbit has a very sensitive digestive system. Also, avoid too many treats like apples, bananas, carrots and other sugary foods which can lead to rabbit obesity.

Rabbits that live indoors can live between 9 to 12 years. Easter is the time when rabbits are the most popular pet, but this is also the time animal shelters receive rabbits as unwanted or neglected pets because that’s when rabbits were bought on impulse as Easter “gifts”, especially for children.

Rabbits can be trained with voice commands and different patterns in the voice. Also, rabbits, like dogs and cats love to play with toys. They also enjoy playing games. Rabbits do chew on things like wires. So, be very careful of electrical wires to televisions, computers, lamps and other household appliance wires. You might to (unique pets) “Rabbit - (child) - Proof” your home, which you can find cord covers in hard-ware stores, department-stores or Baby Care Stores.

Rabbits can be kept indoors or outdoors. While indoors, rabbits are protected from predators, temperature changes and outdoor parasites. Indoors, rabbits can be kept in a large cage or pen or to have the free run of the home, depending on the family and the personality of the rabbit.

Rabbits can be safely housed outside in a few types of homes; these situations are called Runs, Hutches and Rabbitries. A Rabbitry is specially made for raising rabbits and mainly used by rabbit exhibitors or (rabbit fanciers) or breeders. A rabbitry could be a barn, shed, studio or other safe enclosure. These consist of electricity, running water, rodent - safe food storage for rabbit hay and food.

Rabbits need to have a clean environment and their housing should be cleaned often with no build - up of feces or urine. Be sure to have fun and play with your Rabbit, he or she is part of the family and remember - they like games and toys just like other pets.

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