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Disclaimer: Any advice given on this page of pet remedies should be researched with a qualified veterinarian before applying any of the advice to any animal, person, place or thing. This advice is given freely and because it worked for me, it may not work in your situation. Always seek professional advice before you administer any remedies on this page. This is homespun advice intended for your entertainment purposes only! Read and enjoy, Sheila Ann.

Raising Orphaned Kittens And Puppies


 Raising Orphaned Kittens And PuppiesTo begin with, the pet remedies when feeding baby animals, particularly kittens or puppies, make certain that you have the proper feeding essentials. Such as the correct baby bottles and formula that is specific for baby animals only. These can be found at a Veterinarian Office or Supermarket (like Wal-mart) or Pet Store (like PetSmart). 

Pet remedies knows when feeding the baby animal, never hold the baby upside down, this could clog its sinus’: make sure that the nipple of the bottle is clearly open. It might help to wrap the baby in an old tee-shirt, then prop it on your fore-arm. Using this tee-shirt wrap, the baby will associate this with feeding time and keep the ‘Human Parent’ from getting scratched up. *Do not over-feed the baby, just feed the baby animal until the belly is hard.*

Begin weaning kittens and puppies from formula at about 4 weeks of age. Start introducing soft canned foods or soft pouched foods. These can be purchased at the Supermarket or Pet Stores. Then, at the age of 2 months you can begin introducing solid, hard foods combined with the soft foods in small amounts. You can gradually take away the soft food if you wish, but you don’t have to. It’s up to you as the ‘Human Parent’ with these pet remedies. Always, keep fresh water in clean water in a water dish at all times for the animals too.


Be careful to wash the bottles and nipples after every couple of feedings. Use soap and water as directed, but not in the dishwasher. Place opened formula covered in the refrigerator, but do not use over One month of storage.

Afterward, it is time for the baby to try to go to the bathroom. This is Interesting. You, the ‘Human Parent’ has to simulate the baby to go to the bathroom. Go to the bathroom toilet, hold the baby with one hand, a bath tissue in the other, and rub around the anal area gently, but firmly to stimulate the baby to release its bowels. (This action is like the animal’s mother licking to stimulate the baby, especially if it is very young). This needs to be done every meal time. If the baby becomes constipated, try giving it Mineral Oil, using an eye dropper. The dose of ½ teaspoon (one half teaspoon) or 2 ml (2 mi-liters) at feeding times is about right. Also, to keep the baby hydrated during constipation, purchase a bottle of ‘Pedialite’- the store brand is fine too. Again, us the eye dropper to give this to keep the baby hydrated until it has bowel movements.

Start introducing kittens to the litter box at about 2 ½ weeks old (2 and a half weeks old). Be sure the litter is fine material, not large and course. Find a small open litter box with small sides that the kitten is able to get into by itself. Then as the cat gets older you can graduate to a larger, covered box to avoid the smell.

For puppies, start introducing it to the outdoors grassy area. Also, there are mats that can be placed in the house-hold called “piddle pads” to train dogs or used even for older dogs that have difficulty. Another NEAT trick that we have learned from somewhere is, “hang a large bell on the door knob that the puppy can reach and will be let outside the most. Begin teaching the puppy at an early age that if it needs to go “DUTY”, for the puppy to ‘ring the bell’ and the puppy will be let outside. We have trained 2 dogs in the 18 years of living in our home this method and it works well. Plus, 3 of the cats have learned the same thing for letting the dog outside. It’s really funny.

Home-Made Cure For Parvo


Home-Made Cure For ParvoHere is a pet remedies story of sadness to begin with, then inspiration, wonder, and happiness (until we lost our beloved Xenia from another infliction).

We had our Chesapeake Bay Retriever / Rottweiler mix named Xenia, she was a year old. She had all her shots, yet somehow she ended up getting the dreaded ’Canine Parvovirus’ or ’Parvo’. She began getting sick all over the house. Xenia would have bowel movements on the floor also. She even began losing weight; she started out weighing 100 pounds, and then dropped down to about 70 pounds.

I took her to the Veterinarian Office, they told me she had ‘Parvo’ and that they could put her down or I could take her home to watch her fade away to die. I cried all the way home because I had to tell my husband, my 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son, that our beloved protector was going to die. The worst part was my husband was out of town for work related reasons for two days. I had to carry this burden and take care of the sick dog myself. I called my husband out-of-town and he told me that he had just spoken to someone that suggested one of the old pet remedies and had me to pick up the clearest Gatorade I could find as many bottles as possible and begin making the dog swallow it.

Well, that’s what I did. I went to the store, dog and kids in tow. I purchased 5 large bottles of Gatorade, went home, pulled out the old turkey baster (we have a new one now), and began squeezing Gatorade down the poor 1 year old dog. She spat some back at me, growled at me too, but realized MAMA was not going to lose her for anything.


Xenia began to get her strength back within two days from this pet remedies, she was drinking water again. Then, by the time my husband got back home, she was trying to stand and wag her tail for my husband (she was his dog anyway). I taught my husband how to do the turkey baster for her and she had become used to it. So she allowed her Daddy to do it too.

She did get over the ‘Parvo’, she became a very health 115 pounds at her healthiest. But, sadly at the age of 10 years old, we lost her to Hip Dysplasia.

Pet Remedies

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