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Pet  Airline Travel

Pet Travel 1Pet Airline Travel can be stressful on you and your family. When you have the extra concern of traveling with your pet, you worry if your pet is safe, comfortable, secured, happy and stress-free. The Airlines do their very best to make sure that you, your family and your pet are all well taken care of. In airline travel your worry is still in the back of your mind, that it is all OK. When traveling with your pet, be sure to make the necessary steps to have all the correct forms and vaccines. Also, be aware of the pet laws and regulations in different countries when relocating or just traveling to a different country.

Always, have a collar and/or harness and the leash on your dog or cat with proper Identification (ID) tags on both the collar and/or harness and the leash. This will benefit you and the Airlines in case of an accidental malfunction with a pet cage door that may become unlatched and your pet does escape its carrier. When traveling with your pet on the airline, have an extra copy of your pet’s vaccination papers with you. You might want to have a phone number of a veterinarian or a Pet Hospital when you reach your final destination of your travel in case of an emergency. Always be prepared for the unexpected and you will be able to relax a little more on your travels. Try to relay a calm appearance around your pet prior to Pet Airline Travel and especially on the departure because our pet can feel any apprehension we convey to them which will stress them out even more.

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