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Oscar Fish

Have Personality Plus

Oscar FishOscar fish are from the Cichlid family and they are known under a variety of common names including Oscar, Tiger Oscar, Velvet Cichlid or Marble Cichlid. I have to tell you, these are really fun fish to own. My husband and I had two Oscars, Ret (a Red Oscar) and Tic (a Tiger Oscar). We had them, "Our Boys" for seven years, in a 33 gallon tank. They were not hatchlings; Tic was a few months older than Ret. But, Tic and Ret became the best of brothers.

For my husband and I to clean the tank, we had to use a wooden trout net that my husband had won at a Ducks Unlimited Silent Auction in 1986. We had purchased the largest fish net that Wal-mart had to offer, but the "Boys" out grew that net. Also, for us to clean the tank, my husband would have to keep the net taught, so they did not fall into the deep-part of the net, then my husband would have each Oscar lay flatly on the edge of the wooden net, while raising them out of the tank. The whole time, I am standing beside them, speaking to them in a soothing voice-telling the Oscar "everything is o.k., we are just cleaning the tank, it's O.K., be a good boy, it's O.K." This kept the Oscars calm, because if I did not talk to them, they would start jumping out of the net, splashing and falling to the floor. Trust me, it really happened this way. If you do not believe that Oscars are extremely loving pets, go to your local Wal-mart or Pet Store and find the tank that has one or two Oscar babies and tap on the glass. You will find instant interaction from them. They will come to you immediately, every time. That's love! Please excuse the tears!  

Oscars-New Ed

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