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Hip Dysplasia

The Moment Of Grief

Hip DysplasiaMy family has dealt with Hip Dysplasia in two dogs. We had to euthanize our beloved large dog, Zalonia. Her legs completely gave out, where she could not even walk again. We were so grief stricken by Zalonia's passing that after a week; we went and purchased a Border Collie puppy from a family. Three months later, I discovered he had leg problems, when I reached into his kennel to touch his leg and he bit my hand. We took him to the Vet the next week and found he had Dysplasia, too. The Vet said he could operate on Chaz, no guarantees, so we decided not operate and took him home.

Watching him run though, you wouldn’t believe he had any problems at all. He is very active, because he is a working dog in his mind. But he does run with a bunny hop. I believe he will be with us for a long time to come.

Chaz was 9 ½ years old when we had to put him down because he was in so much pain, he is now resting comfortably in the backyard and we miss him a lot. I don’t know who we will get to protect us from airplanes, helicopters, blow dryers and that big old nasty vacuum cleaner.

When purchasing an animal, if possible, have your veterinarian check them out for you. This will help find any problems before you become emotionally attached to the animal but that’s easier said than done. I become attached to the first wet nose experience. Like all with stress, do your research before you buy, because it’s very hard to give back a cute little puppy that has problems and is looking to you for help?



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Dog Owners Speak Out On
Hip Dysplasia

Are you at present searching for alternatives?
Are you scheduled surgical procedure?
What ought you to anticipate?

Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO)

Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO)

Nutritionary backing (Conservativist Direction)

Listen in real time from additional canine owners who have walked in your shoes.......

What is the stock and size of their canine?
How aged was their canine?
What symptoms did their canine experience?
What discourse selection did they decided for their canine?
What was recuperation like? What were they wishing they had recognized prior to the surgical operation?
What thoughts and hints do they've to assist you in convalescence?
Were there ramifications?
Whenever confronted with the equivalent option nowadays, would they arrive at the similar conclusion?

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