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Love of Cats 1Humans have kept cat since ancient Egypt where the love of cats Goddess Bastet was worshiped. She was also considered, as the domesticated cat, the protector of the fields and home from infestations of vermin. The Goddess Bastet sometimes took on the warlike aspect of a lioness called Sektmet. The Egyptians may have been saved by domesticated cats from a rodent infestation and Bastet dumbbell up from the adoration for her feline companions. Bastet was the daughter of Ra the Sun God and played a significant role in ancient Egyptian religion.

Many ancient religions believe that cats are exalted souls. These religions believe that cats are special companions or guides for humans. Cats are said to be all knowing, but our meet so they cannot influence a humans decision making. In Japan, the love of cats is a symbol of “Good Fortune” and is called the “Maneki Neko”. In the love of cats’ Norse mythology, Freyja is depicted as writing a chariot drawn by cats. Freyja is said to be “the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility“. There are also negative cat superstitions in history. For instance, if a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck or a black cat is considered a Witch’s Familiar. But, there is truth to one piece of history, that the wide spread extermination of cats in Europe’s Medieval Times, meant that this began the epidemic of the “Black Plague”, since the cats could not kill the rats that were infested by the plague ridden fleas. Another “Old Wives Tale” or myth about the love of cats is that cats have “nine lives” or even said to have “seven”. This myth is attributed to the natural swiftness and agility cats’ exhibit to escape life threatening situations. This escape technique lends itself to the evidence to the myth that cats fall on their feet, because of and in a rebuilt twisting reaction that enables cats to land on their feet, again this is also a myth. But, the truth be told, our cats can be injured or killed by falling from high places. Cats, like all felines walk ‘directly register’, which means they place each hind paw (almost) directly in the paw print of the corresponding fore paw. This action minimizes noise and visible tracks. Cats walk very precisely. Cats can sleep more than most animals, especially when they are older, this helps them conserve energy. They sleep on the average between 12 and 16 hours a day. Some sleep as much as 20 hours in a 24 hour period. The term “catnap” refers to the casts ability to fall asleep into a light sleep for a short period of time and has entered the English vocabulary meaning “someone who not off for a few minutes“, this is called “take in the catnap”. A cat’s temperament can vary depending on the socialization of the cat and the breed. If the cat has an ‘Oriental’ body type, it tends to be thinner and more active, while a ‘heavy boned’ or ‘cobby’ body type cat is a bit less active. On these pages, I have a variety of subjects for cat lovers, from cat health care to human toilet training your cat to cat pregnancy and even cat food recipes. So, check out these and other love of cats issues.

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