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Finnish Lapphund

American Kennel Club's Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund of the AKC's herding group is a native of Finland. Also known as the Lapinkoira or Suomenlapinkoira and is used to heard reindeer north of the Arctic Circle. 


A Description Of The Finnish Lapphund
The weight of this breed is between 33 and 53 pounds and stands between 18 to 20 inches at the withers. They have a double coat, the undercoat is short and fluffy and the outer coat is long and coarse. They come in many colors but the most frequent are white, black, red, and brown. Sable and wolf-sable are frequently seen and have very distinct facial markings.

Wellness Worries

The Finnish Lapphund of the AKC's herding group have some health problems which are progressive eye disease, cataracts and hip dysplasia. Their typical lifespan is 12 to 14 years of age but some dogs in Finland have exceeded 17 years of age. As with all animals, do your research before you buy.

Learn More About This North of the Arctic Circle Pooch!

Finnish Lapphund Rescue

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