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Exotic Animal Rescue

And Wildlife Preserve Sites

Exotic Animal Rescue Exotic animal rescue need your help, as well! We all know that dogs and cats rescue groups need donations to keep up the good work, but there is another group of dedicated people that also need your help with exotic animals and wildlife preserves sites. On the average is more expensive to keep an exotic animal going because of the vast amount of food that these animals require. Not only does that, but the expense of veterinarian assistance is not cheap either with exotics. They can recoup some of their cost from people who are visiting the wildlife preserves sites. But it does not pay for all of their expenses.

The latest recession has not only hit humans hard but also rescue groups and especially exotic animal groups, which are less likely to receive donations than that of dog and cat rescue shelters, in hard times. Not everyone cares for exotics because they are not as cute and cuddly as our domestic animals. This makes it very hard for the rescue agencies to come up with the funds and a lot of exotics are euthanized because of this reason. So, when you donate to your favorite animal rescue organizations, keep in mind the exotic ones as well! , these folks are trying very hard to save as many exotics as possible so when you can donate or visit their parks and show your support for a good cause. 

Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician

Chestatee Wildlife Preserve and Exotic Animal Rescue 469 Old Dahlonega Hwy. Dahlonega, GA
(678) 859-6820

Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center and Children Care Homes

Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari

Yellow River Game Ranch

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