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The Family Dog

The Family DogWhen researching for the family dog look at the temperament, the size this breed averages, how active this breed is and how often this breed is disposed of into shelters. Choosing the new family dog should ultimately be a full family decision with the final decision being with the main care giver, which will be doing most of the training and looking after the new family member. I actually chose the Border Collie that we have now. Out of eight puppies, he was the one that walked up to me and barked or more of an ULUATE (a wolf howling) instead of a bark; he was introducing himself to me. That is when I knew he was the one I wanted, because he talked to me or as my husband says, "our beloved Chaz, introduced himself". But, as it happens, Chaz claimed my son as his own.

Chaz bunked in my son's room and really listened to him much better than anyone else. Chaz was the family dog for nine and a half years before we had to put him down, that dam hip dysplasia got the best of him. He now rests peacefully in the back yard and we miss him, a lot.  

So, research carefully, choose wisely, and enjoy your family pet for a long, long time. Find out more about Choosing The Family Dog with this link below.


Paws to Consider: Choosing the Right Dog for You and Your Family

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