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Cat Food Recipes

Cat Food RecipesThe Love of Cats knows that cats feed on small prey such as insects, birds and rodents. Ferrell house cats who feed freely eat about 8 to 16 small meals in a day. Even so, adult cats can adapt to being fed once a day. Cats are classified as obligate carnivores. Taurine (an essential organic acid) that is contained in flesh, is one has to that a cat cannot produce. This is why cats must eat flesh to survive. Although, cats meet oriented preferences, it is still quite, and for a cat to supplement its carnivorous diet with a small amount of grass, leaves, shrubs, house plants or other small plant matter. There are theories that suggest the plant eating behavior helps cats regurgitate if the cat’s digestive system is upset. The Love of Cats knows that another theory is to introduce fiber and trace minerals into the cat’s diet. Of course, you want healthy foods for yourself and you also want healthy foods for your pets, as well. Well, here is a cat food to put e-book with recipes for your cat. Some of the names of the recipes found in this e-book are: Cat Cheese Please, Chicken and Pasta Stew, Chicken and Sardines, and there’s even Cat Cookies for a late night treat for your cat. Pet Owners And Cats Will Both Be Happy With This Fun E-book.

Cat Cheese Plеаѕе

Love of Cats, Cat Food Recipe Ingredients:

* Half a cup of grated cheese
* 2 tablespoons plain yogurt or sour cream
* A little oatmeal
* 2 tablespoons margarine or low-fat spread

Cat Food Recipe Directions:

Mash all the ingredients together, adding them in the order indicated above and serve cold. No cooking for this dish. Some cats will not take to this dish as it is not meat-based but others will love it.

Cat Cookies

Love of Cats, Cat Food Recipe Ingredients:

* 7 ounces mashed sardines
* A quarter cup dried nonfat milk
* Half a cup of wheat germ

Cat Food Recipe Directions:

Mix ingredients. Roll into 24 small balls. Place on greased cookie sheet. Flatten with a fork. Bake at 350° until brown. Offers General Information From Breeding to Health Concerns About Cats.

Purr-fect Recipes for a Healthy Cat: 101 Natural Cat Food & Treat Recipes to Make Your Cat Happy

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