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Betta FishMy husband introduced me to Betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) for the first time. He owned them when he was attending college. He purchased a female for me; she was very, very young. Her genus was a Cambodian, cream in color with red fins and a red tail. I named her and Elizabeth, my husband is English and his sister’s name is Lisbeth (the Queens nickname). I asked the local pet store to let me know if and when they would be getting in a male Cambodian, they called me almost 2 years later, to the day. I named him “patience” since I waited for a long time to have him.

When we brought him home, he was larger than my tiny female Elizabeth and he was very aggressive towards her, charging her again and again. He began his bubble mast and they began the day’s, a ritual that is exclusively done by the Siamese fighting fish couples. Eventually, she laid eggs, but he had beat her up so badly that she became sickly with a parasite, it was a holiday and the stores were not open to get her medication. Regrettably, she passed a few days later and I was very heartbroken, she had been mine for only two years. It’s amazing as a pet owner, how attached we get to all our pets. Even though we hurt when they pass, the enjoyment they give us through the years is worth the hurt and anguish. Learn how to avoid this and many other situations in this E-book.



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'Betta Lovers Guide'

Here is simply a portion of what you will discover:

The perfect aquarium size for your Betta... Get this incorrect and tragedy may hit.

The prompt check-list of everything you must get prior to you even entertaining purchasing your Betta.

Discovered... Betta Filtration enigmas.

How to acquire the correct water your fish will flourish in.

Where you ought to locate your Betta in your room.

The fundamentals of water supply chemical science.

The rewards and disfavors of adding plant life.

How to recognize when the aquarium is set up for your fish.

Speedy hints on how to cull the better Bettas in the pet shop... do this incorrect and you will experience troubles from the start.

What size Betta you ought to purchase and the better size for novices.

What aquarium fish will go better with your Betta...? And what you must avert ever setting in the same aquarium?

Identify how lengthy will your Betta life be.

Inquiries you must necessitate from the seller, this solely will aid you a lot

The Six Step System for assembling your young Betta fish tank

How to identify between crown tail and delta tail... Find out how to differentiate the deviation between each assortment.

An over view of the breeding method.

The proper manner to look after small fry for the primary a couple of weeks.

How to raise new Bettas to be the better caliber adults.

The nimble mend for fighting Bettas and how to stop your fish from brawling once again.

Chronicle and Biological Science of the Betta.

The single safety point that may preserve your Betta’s life.

How to get over the more common troubles you'll come across.

How to arrange the flawless breeding aquarium for your Bettas.

Plus a great deal more...

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