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Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons Bearded Dragons are omnivores which mean they eat a variety of food types, including insects and vegetable matter. They can also be supplemented with some types all fly larvae and worms like the black soldier fly larvae, butterworms, locusts, silkworms, superworms, and waxworms, even some types of roaches. Insects coat in the wild are not recommended, because of the risk of pesticides and parasites carried on and in the wild insects. Fireflies and other animals with bio-luminescence chemicals are fatal to your Dragon.

To handle your pet, lay it down in your hand; do not hold it by its chest. You can make it hard for the Beardie to breed, so be gentle until you know how to hold them. Basking is the favorite past time for the Beardie to do, but you need to have one or two spots for them to lie on. Rocks are the best choice between the two, instead of logs because logs are hard to keep clean. Rocks hold in the heat longer, remember that you are dealing with a cold-blooded (exothermic) pet. But, loves to give them something to keep their legs strong while climbing, this lizard is after all a native to the Central Australian desert. Be warned that electric rocks can cause severe burns on the stomachs; these are not suggested since this is a very sensitive body area. Also, as with any reptile, there is a risk of salmonella poisoning. Wash your hands after handling your Beardie or its food, water bowls, terrarium cleaning devices or any type of contact with it. This is to protect you, your family and any other pets in the household from sickness. Good sanitary habits are very important when you own a Beardie.



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The Basic
Bearded Dragon


Picking Out A Beardie

What ought I recognize prior to acquiring my first Dragon?
What ought I search for when purchasing an infant Dragon?
How may I properly handle my infant Dragon?
Where may / ought I purchase my Dragons from?

Bearded DragonEating

What may I give my Dragon?
How much crickets ought I to feed my Beardie per day?
What vegetables may I give my Dragon?
May I give my Beardie mealworms?
What additional insects may I give my Dragon?

Bearded DragonLodging

What size ought my Dragon cage to be?
How may I construct my personal Dragon cage?
How much time ought my Beardie to spend out of doors in the sunshine?
What illumination / heat source do I require for my Dragon?
What is the better substrate to employ for Dragon?
What may I employ to cleanse my Dragon cage?

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Bearded Dragons
Are Really Delicate Brutes

Beardie's are genuinely a charming pet. But, they're likewise really delicate and command extremely specified attention!

It is a distressing reality that numerous Beardie's die young merely since their owner did not engage in the time to discover how to take care of them. There are a lot of trivial points you must know whenever you desire your Beardie to live to their utmost lifetime.

For example, there's a really primary type of bug that's highly poisonous to the Beardie? As a matter of fact, your Beardie may expire by consuming merely one of these bugs!

Did you likewise know that Beardie's may be really sensitive to certain types of microbes and may easily get certain diseases whenever not managed right? These are merely two little known realities that virtually most Bearded Dragon owners have never discovered.

What a lot of folks do not understand is that properly managing for your Bearded Dragon properly is exceedingly easy to do.

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