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Bearded Dragon

A Dragon With Spiked Whiskers

Bearded DragonChildren love (unique pets) Bearded Dragons many reasons are because they are friendly, naturally calm, easy to get along with and relatively easy to care for. Bearded Dragons (also known as Beardies by those who breed and raise them in captivity) are one of the many other species of Agamid lizards. The genus "Pogona" describes seven species found in Australia which are bred and sold as pets. Most (unique pets) Bearded Dragons in captivity have flatten bodies and broad triangular heads. Male Bearded Dragons , when threatened, expand their spiny pouch under their jaw and inhale air that puffs them up to make them appear larger than they actually are. The pouch looks like a beard, giving them their name. Male and female Bearded Dragons are close in size, although some males have a larger head and a thicker tail base than the female. Mature males turn their throat poach black during courtship, showing dominance.  Learn More About This Dragon In These E-book Pet Links.

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