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Adopt A Pet
Don't Throw A Life Away!

Adopt A PetAdopt a pet if you can instead of buying one from a pet store! There are so many animals in this world that need to be adopted into a good home and rescue groups are trying to place pets as fast as they can possibly do. They need your help to place animals from adoption programs and unwanted pets, for whatever reason, before they have to be euthanized.

If you have a friend, relative, or even an associate at work that mentions they are looking for a pet, please talk to them about trying to adopt a pet in your area or used though websites I have listed below as a starting point in the research and learning experience to adopt a pet. The rescue services such as the American Humane Association, Bideawee, Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA do a great job of feeding and sheltering unwanted animals, but at times they need a little help from the public, whether it is in donations, volunteers or handing out adopt a pet program informational flyers. You can customize your web searches on a few of these links to hone in on your nearest shelter locations.

Now that the World’s economy is in such a mess, a lot of people are abandoning their pets, not because they want to, it’s because the breadwinner loses his or her job and a family loses their home. You have to move some place which does not allow pets, so instead of abandoning the pet by the side of the road to get hit by oncoming traffic or slowly starving to death, they choose to take them to the nearest animal shelter to place them in and adopt a pet program, which hardly ever turns an animal away. If you can place just one of these fragile little creatures into a loving home, what an outstanding achievement. So, please “Adopt a Pet” or “Rescue a Pet” whatever you have to call it, just do it.

To adopt a pet is one of the most wonderful feelings that you will have in your life. Adopt a pet will give love and companionship to their humans for the rest of their lives. I have had, store-bought pets and adopted pets, and by far and adopted pet seem to be more loving in nature than the purebred pets. The adopt a pet seems to have less health problems, too.

It is so easy to adopt a pet from your local shelter or use the list I have on this page to adopt a pet. You will be glad you did and it will be hard to contain your excitement around your friends and family. He may even encourage them to adopt a pet too, which will find another precious little life a good home and so on and so on.

Thank You Sincerely, Sheila Ann

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 Be a lost pet hero wherever you go! Get Lost Pet Alerts on your iPhone and keep a lookout everywhere. PetRescuers keep a lookout for missing pets and help spread the word about micro-chipping.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Pet Rescue By Judy

The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley promotes companion animal welfare by providing temporary shelter for homeless pets, adopting them to qualified homes, and reducing animal abuse, neglect, and overpopulation through community education and spay/neuter services.

Cat Nip Adoption

A Pet You Will Love

paws - Progressive Animal Welfare Society

Beak n Wings, Inc.

Rescue Ink

Learn more on how to adopt.

Coastal Pet Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused and neglected dogs and cats.

Rescue Ridge is a 'last-chance' shelter. Staffed primarily through the efforts and donations of volunteers, we find homes for animals that other shelters and people have given up on.

Why Were These Great Family Canines Thrown Out?

Family CaninesA juvenile canine is a difficult deal to adopt a pet, even whenever they're the types of creature believed to be perfect for household living, such as the Labrador Retriever. And once folks do make the consignment to take home a big, eager dog that has not acquired any personal manners yet, regret might kick in rapidly.

You encounter these types of canines in animal shelters always since, in the outside world, folks catch a different family-oriented canine that is serene and loveable and believe he by nature come that way. They do not recognize how much effort it requires to get these canines to that degree, and they abandon them since the driving force and the high-power level are more than they're willing or capable to address.

A lot of other well behaved canines act wildly in animal shelters, not since they're all of the time that way, simply because of their state of affairs. Once you take on a canine from a animal shelter, what you encounter is not all of the time what you get when you adopt a pet. Whenever the canine is savage and bounding up, it may be calling out saying, “oy, take me! I am a cozy canine! Take me, Take me!”

Upon the reverse conduct, whenever you catch a canine that's actually calm, it may merely be flooded by the racket and all the alterations it's exactly felt.

How Come These Common Canines Find Themselves In This Situation?

Common household canines you will be able to discover in the animal shelter might have been cast off since a lot of households determined that they could not bear the normal conducts that arose, such as the endless need of chewing and an energy state that some of the times appears quenchless.

Canines bred for fieldwork (tracing) may deliver even additional vitality and thrust than different breeds. Their exercising requirements might appear hopeless to fill, therefore a lot of these guys and gals finish up in shelters or in rescue associations without ever getting any schooling.

Perpetually dislodging from one household to another and being forced to stomach drawn-out periods of time in small-scale spaces may make incorrect conduct even worse to adopt a pet, simply since the canine is not receiving the physical exercise or care it craves.

When a juvenile or fully grown canine has never had any official obedience education, he might appear uncontrollable, and that is not what folks anticipate from a fully grown family-type canine. Look at the Labrador Retriever as the clear model – one leading reason why folks acquire fully grown Labs is to avert a lot of the process that accompanies a puppy.

These folks have heard that fully grown Labs are serene and they believe these adult canines will be no trouble in the least. But whenever a Lab is never educated, you may have true problems to adopt a pet, such as the Lab that's never enlightened to halt the behavior of puppy mouthing or hopping on folks. It is one thing for a pup to do those things only when a big fully grown canine does them, someone may get injured.

Brutus, One Of My Rescue!

BrutusOn Labor Day 2010, September 6th, (another adopt a pet story) I was driving home from work in Newnan, Georgia. I was headed towards the Whitesburg Bridge, which crosses over the Chattahoochee River. I have never liked that bridge; I always get a bad feeling in my stomach, ever since they built it two years ago. The little bridge never bothered me before.


The time of day was about 6:40, I had left work a little later since I was waiting to talk to my supervisor, he gave me my 5 year company ink pen. As I was approaching the ramp near the bridge, I began to slow to 50 miles an hour, I looked to my right on the shoulder of the road in the grass and saw a tiny black and white face watching the cars ahead of me pass it by.

I pulled my car over about 10 yards away not to scare it by getting too close. I know what I had seen. I was just hoping it hadn’t already been hit and injured. I jumped out of my car, even forgetting to turn on my emergency flashers. I walked up quickly as not to scare it across the road. Cars were still passing by. As I got up to it, I could tell it was a small kitten.

I waited for 3 cars to pass before I reached for the kitten. I didn’t want the kitten to dart out into traffic. Once the cars passed, I actually ‘Meowed’ at the kitten and when I did, it fell backwards into the high grass. I reached down and parted the grass to find black fur. I pulled out the black and white kitten that ‘mewed’ at me. I spoke to it all the way back to my car.

I reached the car then tucked the kitten between my work vest and shirt, it was that small. When I sat in my car, I put on my seat belt, placing the lap belt underneath where the kitten was laying. I drove 15 miles home with the kitten in this position, down a curvy back road, talking to it all the way.

Before I left the bridge though, I called my husband to tell him I would be bringing something home. He said “What’s that?” I said “Well, it’s black and white, maybe 3 weeks old and I’m not sure whether it is a male or female. Oh yeah, it ‘meows’ or ‘mews’ right now.” He said to me with a chuckle, “You’ve rescued another kitten, didn’t you?” I said “Yeah, I hope you don’t mind, my adopt a pet mindset just kicked in and I'm bringing it home?” He said “Not at all, BABE, Bring it home.” Then I told my son on the phone. I also told my husband not to tell our 22 year old daughter, let me, she was in the shower. Let me tell her, have her call me back. When she called back, she sounded bored, then I told her the same about “it was black and white and ‘meowed’ or right now only ‘mewed’ and that my adopt a pet mindset had kicked in and she squealed with happiness, then asked “was it a male or female?” I told her I didn’t know yet, we’ll find out when I get home.” “How far are you from home?”  She asked. By then I was off Jones Mill Road and now on the highway, about 10 minutes, I told her. “Be careful and we’ll see you when you both get here, love you bye” that is our family sign-off of the phone.

The kitten would once in a while peak its head out and I would rub it and speak softly to it, my adopt a pet mindset, it was happy to be stroked on the head. When I pulled into the driveway, they stood outside, my daughter, my son and my husband all in their sleeping clothes, but very excited. My daughter was the first to reach the car but I had my car door still locked, so my son and husband all reached the car by that time. I unlocked the door and opened it. I began to unbutton my vest after, unlocking my seat belt. As I unbutton my vest the kitten emerged. The OOOHS and AAAAHS were amazing. I even got my real first look at the kitten’s full face, that’s also when we discovered the kitten was a male. My husband’s first comment was “Mister, If you stay here you will be sniped!” since we have two female cats in our house that are not fixed. We brought the baby kitten into the house and my husband proceeded to look at his face, it has a white line over his nose, he has a full black face and it looks as if his nose is protruding with either spectacles or glasses, or people might say he has a protruding or Roman nose. So my husband named him ‘BRUTUS’, like in Shakespeare’s Character “ET TU BRUTE” which means “you too Brutus” which for us means “now we have you too Brutus in the family”.

That same night I found him, I had to run out to the store to pick-up ‘kitten formula’ and ‘baby animal bottles’. But the problem was we gave Brutus (our adopt a pet) warmed formula in the bottles, he couldn’t figure out how to suckle on the nipple. After a while, he did figure it out, but he began biting the nipples. He bit two completely through, that’s when we realized that we should try feeding him canned kitten food.

I purchased two steel kitten dishes and several kitten canned foods for the adopt a pet. We did have a concern though, for a few days going from formula to canned food, Brutus was not having any kind of bowel movements. So my daughter and I went on the computer and researched similar situations. We found a few remedies including using children’s Pedialite, Mineral Oil and Pumpkin to help. Well, I called my husband and explained to him what will help Brutus to go potty. My husband purchased Pedialite and Mineral Oil; we gave Brutus the mineral oil by mouth with a dropper and put Pedialite into his water which I also gave to him with the dropper because I was worried he wasn’t drinking enough water.

Finally the remedies worked along with the canned food. Now Brutus (our adopt a pet) is eating about every 4 to 5 hours. His favorite food seems to be beef and fish. He does not like chicken at all. He is also eating some dry foods like the older girls (cats). Brutus knows when it is time to eat, as we get his bow ready, he ‘mews’ at us, then runs to the area in front of the couch where we always place his food and water dishes.

Now Brutus is starting to fit right in with the whole family. He is about seven weeks old. He plays with the older ginger cat ‘Jonezy’. My daughter’s cat ‘Bastet’ is still not happy about the new kitten. The Border Collie ‘Chaz’ is not sure yet about the playful little black and white kitten. We lost our daughter’s 10 year old rabbit Topaz two weeks ago. That was hard too.

My husband says Brutus (our adopt a pet) is my cat, yet Brutus comes to “His Daddy” before he does me. As the situation happened, one night where Brutus fell asleep under the couch and I could not get him out at bedtime. So I had to wake my husband up to call for the baby, which worked, because Brutus came out and was ready for bed with “His Daddy”.

Brutus also enjoys sleeping in my daughter’s bed and sleeping in my son’s lap. He has become and “All around family cat”. Yet, Brutus still sleep on my hair, on my arm, on my pillow and in between my husband and I, but his favorite place to sleep is “His Cradle” (a shoe box that we placed him in when I first brought him home. It is placed in the corner of our bed.).

Brutus is loved, even if he was supposed to have been thrown away. When we did look him over his paws pads were scrapped up and peeling. He seemed to have had bruises. But he is fine now. Two weeks later my husband went by the bridge and saw another kitten dead near the bridge, but it wasn’t our Brutus (the adopt a pet). He WAITED FOR ME! Adopt a pet and Don't Throw A Life Away!

To adopt a pet is one of the most wonderful feelings that you will have in your life. An adopted pet gives love and companionship to their humans for the rest of their lives. I have had store brought pets and adopted pets, by far the adopted pets seemed to be more loving in nature than the pure bred pets. The adopted pet seemed to have less health problems, too.

Brutus is growing up!

Brutus is growing up!Here he is helping me place some HTML on my web site. It is November 23, 2011 and my big boy adopt a pet is one year and three months. I am loving him more and more each day. What a joy you feel when you save an animal's life and they just want to give you more back every day. So get out there and adopt a pet or rescue a pet today, you will not regret it!

And Then There Is Alice!

And Then There Is Alice!Alice our adopt a pet is a brindled Pit Bull and Terrier mix or as Nigel refers to her as a Parana with paws. She is our latest rescue and comes out of the Paulding County Animal Shelter. The way we arrived at Alice was we had to put down our beloved Chaz because of his hip dysplasia had gotten so bad that he was biting everybody. He was in so much pain after 9 ½ years. It was a hard decision to have him euthanized but it was what, as a responsible pet owner, we sometimes have to do. He is now at peace in the backyard, under his favorite place to stand when barking at the neighbor’s dog. We couldn’t sleep for a couple of nights, so I started searching for the best solution when you have to put down your pet and that is to find another one. You get so busy with your new pet that it eases the grief that you are feeling.

Alice was first adopted by a young couple with two children at six weeks of age. She became a problem for the parents as she would play with the children a little too rough. She is all mouth and sharp nails, which overwhelmed the young couple. After living with them for two weeks, they return her to the shelter. Normally, any Pit Bull mix in this state is euthanized after three weeks at a shelter.

I was searching the Internet to try to find a replacement for our beloved Chaz. When I say replacement, I know no canine will be able to protect us from airplanes, helicopters, blow dryers, and that mean old nasty vacuum cleaner that lives in the upstairs closet. Only Chaz could do that!

When I came upon a picture of Alice and we immediately went the next day to the Paulding County Animal Shelter. They were so surprised when I pulled out a picture of Alice and told them this is the dog I wanted. We were glad that she had been chipped with a HomeAgain device that we feature on our website. We filled out the appropriate paperwork and took Alice home with us. I do believe that Alice thought her name was “No Bite” for the first couple of weeks we had her. And for those first couple of weeks my friends at work through I was having problems at home with all the scratches on my arms and neck. But she is a smart little girl and is learning fast. More on Alice later.

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HomeAgain pet microchip and pet id

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