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Mama Knows Pets Home PageMama Knows Pets knows that Pets, Pet Books and Pet Information are the reason you have come here and we could not be happier that you chose to visit mine and my family's website, Mama Knows Pets. All of the pet information here is very near and dear to our hearts. My family has had so many of these animals that are mentioned on these pages, either on our small farm in Holt, Missouri or at our household in Carrollton, Georgia.  

Some of the animals that we have enjoyed in our family include: cats, a ferret, turtles, rabbits, French Alpine goats, geese, ducks, peacocks, turkeys, chickens, horses, pigs, a cow and many breeds of dogs. But here at Mama Knows Pets our list does not end there; our children have had birds, hermit crabs, a guinea pig, hamsters, mice and many other small animals. My family has had much heartbreak with the losses of some of our animals. My heart goes out to other families who have had a death of a family pet, too. It is all part of the circle of life that we are all participating in. But, I can say with sincerity that we have loved all our animals through the years and they all gave us years of love and entertainment. I decided to develop this website, Mama Knows Pets, to help others to learn though pet e-books, pet books and pet information how every one of us can get the best out of this entire world when we pair up with pets along the way.

You will find in these pages on my website, Mama Knows Pets, interesting stories about all the animals we have experienced with a smattering of Pet E-books, Pet Books, Pet Information and Pet Products that will have helpful information about Choosing the Best Family Dog, Veterinarian Help, Dealing with the Loss of an Animal, Starting a Pet Sitting Business, and much more, to get you started participating in your own adventures with our animal friends. Also, some information on the website about vacationing and air traveling with your animals, including supplies to help you with your travels and advised that you might overlook when you are late and in a hurry to get somewhere!

Of course, we have tons of adoption and rescue websites for all kinds of pets. So, if you know someone who is considering getting a pet, suggest they look into adopting one first. Remind them that adopting a pet is a whole lot cheaper than purchasing one from a breeder or a pet store. Remember, not everything is guaranteed in this world but from my experience, a rescue pet seems to appreciate that second chance you are giving them and will show you that gratitude for the rest of their lives.

My website, Mama Knows Pets, breaks it down into categories and has a rescue group listing at the top of almost every page, so they can find the rescue service for a particular pet they are looking for or tell them to Google the animal they are looking for, then put the word rescue behind it. Anyway, if you can get them to save a life and put just one puppy mill out of business, which will make everyone involved feel very special. Every animal deserves a second chance for life, so let's all join in the effort to save just one life, one day at a time.

So, enjoy my family's pet stories, some cute pictures of our own pets and advice on the pages and the pet information that the website, pet e-books, pet books and pet products have to offer.

Again, my family and I are very glad that you are visiting our website, Mama Knows Pets.

Thank You All, Sheila Ann Healey


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